The staff of Psychology & Publishing provides high quality transcription services specifically intended for psychologists, health and mental heath professionals, professors and researchers. Our content knowledge makes us valuable and active interlocutors who proactively promote the achievement of your final communication goal.

We transcribe either from tape or file:

  • psychotherapy and/or training interviews for psychotherapy trainees
  • diagnoses and reports
  • Rorschach and psychometric tests interviews
  • lessons and lectures
  • phone calls, meetings, and vocal notes.

The service includes: grammar check; proper punctuation; speakers identification; checking of abbreviations, jargon, foreign terms and names; adaptations of texts to make them more understandable and fluent.

As to psychological interviews, we are able to offer faithful verbatim transcriptions of all that is said, including pauses, interjections, hesitations, repetitions, incomplete sentences. On demand, we are able to apply any criteria for the classification and codification of para-verbal features possibly provided by our client.

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