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Gabriele Lo Iacono - Psychology & Publishing Manager

Psychology MA Degree and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist, Gabriele Lo Iacono is an experienced English > Italian translator.

Former member of the professional association of Italian translators AITI, and current ProZ Certified PRO member, he has translated about 80 psychology and human sciences books for Borla (Roma), EDRA (Milano), Erickson (Trento), Giovanni Fioriti (Roma), Gribaudi (Milano), Hogrefe (Firenze), McGraw-Hill Italia (Milano). He has also translated about 50 papers for various publishing houses, Ordine Nazionale degli Psicologi, Centro Albert Ellis, Psicologi per i Popoli - Federazione, and psychotherapy training schools.

Author and editor for Internet sites, specialistic journals and popular magazines, he has also written two psychology handbooks, and has been chair of "Tlön - Cultura dell'apprendimento". Since 2006, he has been the editor of "Rivista di Psicologia dell'Emergenza e dell'Assistenza Umanitaria".


Riccardo Larini. Translations, profreading and editing

Translator from French and English, Riccardo Larini graduated in physics in 1994, and then studied theology at the Ecumenical Studium of Bose, where he specialized in the history of spirituality and Christian churches. He then continued his training for four years in Cambridge, where he devoted himself to the study of the formation of Christian identity in the New Testament period and the biblical and philosophical hermeneutics of Paul Ricoeur.

After coordinating the editorial staff of Edizioni Qiqajon for a decade, he was commissioning editor and then director and managing director of Edizioni Borla.

He has translated more than 70 books on theology and religious sciences for Qiqajon (Bose), Borla (Roma), San Paolo (Cinisello Balsamo), Paideia (Brescia) and Claudiana (Torino), as well as numerous articles and websites. He has also edited various studies in religious sciences, and some of his articles have been published by prestigious Italian foreign publishers, such as U.T.E.T. and Oxford University Press.

Roberta Grossi. Layout

Roberta Grossi graduated in 1990 in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and obtained a diploma in Graphics and Illustration at the School of Applied Art of Castello Sforzesco.

She first worked in advertising and then, from the mid-nineties, in publishing. He has collaborated with numerous publishing studios and publishing houses (RCS, Mondadori, Touring, Skira, Cairo Editore, Scode, Yachting Library, Edra, Erickson) for graphic design and layout of catalogs, magazines and books in schools, tourism, sport, art and fiction.

Since 1992 he has been teaching Art and Image at two secondary schools in Milan.

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Psychology & Publishing is a group of psychologists specializing in written communication in the domains of psychology and human sciences. We provide translations, transcriptions, original texts, proofreading, editing, and have multi-year experience in our respective fields of expertise. What distinguishes us is the special quality of our services, which is due to the mastery of the content of the texts we process. This allows us to minimize interpretation issues and successfully manage the inevitable ambiguities that each text presents.
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